Maritime Battery Systems

Maritime Battery Systems. It is an important prerequisite that the person who is going to operate, inspect, or maintain maritime battery systems (chemical [...]

Ship Security Officer (SSO) STCW A-VI/5

Complete the entire Ship Security Officer (SSO) STCW A-VI/5 course through e-learning. ASK eLearning are now offering a digital course for seafarers who [...]

Courses from ASK eLearning

ASK eLearning is our sister company which develops and offers digital training such as online courses and VR simulators. Below is a selection of their courses.

STCW Seafarers with designated security duties (A-VI/6-2)

Complete the whole course online.

The course is mandatory for all seafarers with designated security duties and responsibilities according to the ship`s security plan and aims to ensure that seafarers with designated security duties are given an introduction to security awareness according to their security duties.


Do you know which dangers await when using the internet?

Cyber security is of increasing importance for maritime industries. Technological developments are happening faster than ever before, posing new threats to the industries. Complete this course in maritime cyber security awareness in order to ensure safe operations!

Throughout this course one learns about the threats the networks face, the dangers of security breaches and how to avoid them, as well as what effect these breaches can have on both the company and ones own network security. Give you and your employees the knowledge needed to keep the network secure! The course is based on the IMO’s requirements for the implementation of procedures for managing cyber risk in the companies’ security management system (section 1.2.2 of the ISM Code). The course is for all personnel related to organizations that acts according to regulations from IMO. 

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