Buy our new interactive eLearning courses for Security awareness training for all seafarers and Seafarers with designated security duties. The courses contain all the subject matter you need, and consists of images, illustrations and interactive tasks. By choosing eLearning you can learn where you want, when you want and at your own pace. You also have the possibility to navigate back and forth in the course, should you wish to repeat something.  

STCW Security awareness training for all seafarers (A-VI/6-1)

The course is mandatory for all seafarers on vessels or facilities that have a security-and terrorist preparedness plan and aims at ensuring that participants are given a basic introduction in security awareness onboard ships. 

The eLearning course consists of an introduction to maritime security, ship security and security threats, amongst other subjects. 

The course is according to the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments and is done in English. 

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STCW Seafarers with designated security duties (A-VI/6-2)

The course is mandatory for all seafarers with designated security duties and responsibilities according to the ship`s security plan and aims to ensure that seafarers with designated security duties are given an introduction to security awareness according to their security duties. 

The eLearning course consist of international maritime security, ship security assessment and plan, threat identification, recognition and response, ship security actions, and plans, drills and reporting, amongst other subjects.  

The course is according to the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments and is done in English. 

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