Designated Security Duties. STCW table A-VI/6-2

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Designated Security Duties

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Course standard:           

STCW Code, chapter VI. Section A-VI/6 and table A-V/6-2

Outlined in CFR 49 § 1544.235



1-day Classroom lectures (8 hrs.)            



Security Duties is a half-day course split into both theory and practical demonstrations.  This course is mandatory for every seafarer who have is designated to perform security duties, including anti-piracy and anti-armed robbery-related activities,  

The course will be conducted as a classroom course or by e-learning.


Course Prerequisites:    

Delegates must be over 18 years old.  He or She must produce a valid Doctors note to confirm they are in good health to participate in the course.  Completed STCW Crowd Management training.


What to bring:                

Document to identify the Delegate.