State-of-the-art VR simulator launched.

This week we are showcasing our brand-new Lifeboat VR simulator.

VR technology is developing fast and opens new possibilities within education and training across various industries. This innovative technology offers numerous advantages in the learning process which can be difficult to achieve in a traditional classroom or other training settings.

By using our long and broad experience within maritime training, we develop and operate customized VR simulators where the crew and officers can practice on ship-specific equipment while simultaneously meeting STCW requirements.

Customized VR simulators contribute to:

  • Enhanced safety. The crew can practice in a safe and controlled environment, minimizing risks associated with conventional training methods.
  • Environmentally friendly training. Provides sustainable training that is harmless to the environment.
  • Cost-effective solutions. A cost-effective alternative compared to traditional training.
  • Empowering the crew. Enables crew members to practice anywhere and anytime to improve their knowledge and experience.

The lifeboat simulator launched is built in accordance with the STCW code table A-VI/2-1 and forms the basis for the content. It has been built in four different modes for the best possible learning outcome: Familiarization, embarkation, single-player, and multiplayer modes. In addition, there is an instructor station for the multiplayer mode intended for instructors to operate. Each different mode can be run independently, and it is recommended to complete the familiarization mode first to give the users a deeper understanding of how the lifeboat`s technical solutions work. This mode will also help users become familiar with the software and learn the proper use of the VR equipment.

This specific VR simulator has been customized to meet specific requirements. ASK provides the service of developing and customizing VR simulators to the needs of each purpose.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us and book a demo today.

Photos: ASK eLearning