Personal Survival Techniques (PST). STCW, table A-VI/1-1

Course standard:

STCW, table A-VI/1-1


Alternative I: One day theoretical lectures (8 hrs.), ½ day practical exercises (4 hrs.)

Alternative II: E-learning for the theoretical part, ½ day practical exercises (4 hrs.)

Both alternatives are completed with a written exam.


Personal Survival Techniques (PST) is a one-and-a-half-day course split into both theory and practical’s, including entering and operating a life raft. Use of life jackets and immersion suits.Included in the exercises are actions to be taken by persons for self- protection in emergency situations, survival at sea and deployment of safety equipment. This course forms part of the mandatory Basic Safety Training for all seafaring personnel.

Course Prerequisites:

Delegates must be over 18 years old. He or She must produce a valid Doctors note to confirm they are in good health to participate in the course. Alternative a valid seafarer`s Medical Certificate.

What to bring:

Document to identify the Delegate. For the practical exercises it can be advised to bring swim gear and towel. Soft shoes to wear at the pool.

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