Crowd Management. STCW code, Section A-V/2

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Scheduled course dates

Crowd Management

Because this is a self-paced online course, there are no scheduled course dates. Do the course when it fits your schedule.



Course standard:           

STCW Code, chapter V. Section A-VI/2 and table A-V/2-1


½ day Classroom lectures (4 hrs.)            


Crowd Management is a-half-day course.
The course is mandatory for all masters, officers, ratings, as well as personnel designated to muster list to assist passengers in emergency situations shall have completed before they are assigned to shipboard duties.

The course will be conducted as a classroom course or by e-learning.

Course Prerequisites:    

Delegates must be over 18 years old.  He or She must produce a valid Doctors note to confirm they are in good health to participate in the course. 

No pre-qualifications required.

What to bring:                

Document to identify the Delegate.